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The Canadian Pacific Special Interest Group (CP SIG) has changed its name to the Canadian Pacific Historical Association (CPHA). Outside of model railway circles we found that the term "historical association" better defined what it is we are.

We are a non-profit historical association dedicated to sharing information about the Canadian Pacific Railway and its subsidiaries, past and present. Our high quality magazine, CP TRACKS, contains photographs, scale drawings, historical information, and articles on the CPR, as well as the Soo Line, DAR, E&N and CP Electric Lines. Whether you are a modeller and/or historian whose interests are either steam, transition, early diesel or the latest 4400HP GE monsters, there is something for everyone in every information-packed issue. Also, if you would be willing to actively get involved we are always looking for people. Maybe you could write an article, furnish photographs or set up a display table at your local train meet. That is what the CPHA is all about... the sharing of information.

CP TRACKS is now published twice a year with one issue in March and another in September. Our latest issue of CP TRACKS, issue 13-3, was mailed September 2017. We are on schedule for our March 2018 mailing of issue 13-4. Work is already under way for issue 14-1 (September) and we're looking for articles for issue 14-2 and beyond.

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Library Project - Documents Site

In addition to CP TRACKS magazine a dedicated team of CPHA members has been working hard to build a large online library of CPR documents. The library currently includes over 5200 documents, drawings and plans with many more to come. Visit the Library.

Model Survey Results (pdf).

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Canadian Pacific Historical Association
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CPHA is in no way affiliated with the Canadian Pacific Railway nor its affiliates. No intent is made to endorse the CPR, nor to associate its logo or name with other companies.

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