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Westbound Roadrailer climbs out of the Hornby Dip. May 5th, 2001.

CP TRACKS Magazine

CP TRACKS is published twice a year with one issue in March and another in September. Our latest issue of CP TRACKS, issue 15-3, was mailed September 3rd, 2021.

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Check out our complete index of back issues in searchable PDF format. Volume discounts for back issue purchases are now available to CPHA members.

Documents Library

In addition to CP TRACKS magazine a dedicated team of CPHA members has been working hard to build a large online library of CPR documents. The library currently includes over 9100 documents, drawings and plans with many more to come. Visit the Documents Library.

The CPHA is in no way affiliated with the Canadian Pacific Railway nor its affiliates. No intent is made to endorse the CPR, nor to associate its logo or name with other companies.

Nelson 2022
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Nelson 2022 Convention
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Members Meet 2021

An Online Conference celebrating 30 Years of the Canadian Pacific Historical Association. Click for details.

Volunteers Wanted

We are looking to fill Regional Superintendents positions for Quebec and New England. You will work with the executive to disseminate information to local members and promote the CPHA at various public venues, such as train shows and conventions, as you deem appropriate. If you're interested and would like to learn more, contact us at