Canadian Pacific Historical Association

Documents Library - How to Contribute

Please read this page carefully so that you understand the process before contacting us.


All documents in this archive are lent by their owners to the project group for high resolution digital scanning. The original document is returned to the owner after the scanning work has been completed. The group volunteers then create an Adobe Acrobat document, catalogue it and make the document available via the web.


Here is the procedure and terms for contributing to the archive.

We have many documents in the queue for scanning, so please contact Rob Kirkham before sending anything.

1) The material must be contributed gratis.

2) You will be responsible to arrange delivery of your material to one of our volunteers for scanning. We have the capacity to scan very large documents.

3) There is risk of damage to documents during the scanning process. Older documents may be fragile and could crumble from handling; bound volumes will suffer similar stresses to documents placed on a photocopier. Drawings must be unrolled and feed into a continuous feed blueprint scanner.

4) So far our success in avoiding damage has been very good. But if you loan us material for scanning, you must accept the risk that goes with transporting and scanning the materials. We will contact you if we believe there is a likelihood of damage before we scan to confirm that you accept the risk.

5) All material lent for scanning will be returned by registered mail unless you arrange some alternate method acceptable to us. (We want to be able to confirm when we have returned your documents.)

6) If you have documents and no room to store them any longer, we will be happy to arrange for them to be stored. At this time, however, we are not able to offer a hard copy archive.

7) If we get a number of offers of documents to be scanned, it may overwhelm our volunteers. Please be patient as we attempt to coordinate the effort.


The project group has scanned hundreds of historical documents, however, no matter how careful we are there is always the possibility of documents getting damaged. Old rusted staples fall a part. Already damaged and frail pages rip. Handling 100 year old documents can be very tricky and requires careful work.

We will contact a document owner when we believe that there's a real possibility of damage occurring during the scanning process. At that time the document owner will be given the option of allowing us to continue or return the document.

However, at no time do we assume responsibility for damage occurred during the scanning process. Your contribution is sent gratis and you must assume all risks. Sending us documents is your acknowledgement of that risk.