Canadian Pacific Historical Association

Documents Library - Frequently Asked Questions


The following Q&A come from common questions we receive. If you have any other questions about the project please contact us.

Q: Where do all these documents come from?

A: CPHA members, collectors and people interested in sharing information with the expressed wish that the materials will aid the writing of books, articles and improve the quality of model railroading products for Canadian Pacific enthusiasts.

Q: When I print sometimes my printed page is mirror image of what is on the screen. What gives?

A: It appears there is a bug in the version of Adobe Acrobat we're using. The probem can be worked around rather simply. On the Acrobat Reader Print Dialog is an option to "Print as Image". Select this and the page will print correctly.

Q: What's taking so long in getting the archive up on the web?

A: The project is purely volunteer driven. The project group spend a lot of their spare time building the website, scanning documents, recording our archive and dealing with contacts. We are working as fast as we can!

Q: I'm having problems with the site. I don't understand what to do. Something doesn't work as expected.

A: We're sorry you're experiencing problems. We wanted to get the site up an running as quickly as possible and so a simple approach was taken and some short cuts were taken along the way. As a result, use of the site may not be as easy as we would like. If you have any problems, concerns or thoughts about the site please contact the webmaster for assistance.