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Documents Library - Licensing Agreement

All materials presented at this site are contributed for your use, gratis. The following are the restrictions place on usage.

Personal Use

You may copy and print the documents for your personal usage without restriction. You may not sell document files or hard copy reproductions for any reason without express written consent from the Canadian Pacific Historical Association.

Commercial Use

Commercial enterprise are allowed free unfettered access to the archive for research purposes. If an author or commercial enterprise wish to reproduce any work for inclusion into a commercial product, they must first received written consent from the Canadian Pacific Historical Association before doing so.

Any works produced by the direct result of researching in the archive must clearly identify and credit the source of the materials. Please contact us for the correct wording of credits.

It is not the intention of the Canadian Pacific Historical Association to police compliance to these restrictions. Our only interest is that proper credit is given to the organization and it's volunteers for their hard work.