Canadian Pacific Historical Association
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A word of caution, never submit previously published/released information to us without naming the author, publisher and date of publication. If possible, try to get the necessary usage permission yourself. Please respect copyright and intellectual information rights.

Please provide submissions using the following as guidance. We will accept almost anything. It just takes longer to make it suitable for publication if your submission is not provided to us in one of the formats listed below:

Pictures: We will accept digital and digitally scanned images (actual size, minimum 300DPI), however, we prefer to scan the originals ourselves. We can work with B&W or colour (glossy) prints, 35mm original slides, and negatives up to 4"x5".

Text: ASCII text files on disk, e-mail message or printed page.

Drawings: We prefer copy ready line drawings, but can convert most popular drawing program files.

Include a printed/hard copy along with any and all electronic submissions. Preferred digital media submission methods include e-mail, CD-ROM, DVD, USB drive, Dropbox, and WeTransfer.

All submissions are provided to the CPHA without copyright restrictions unless clearly marked otherwise and are considered gratis; credit will be given to the author; unique material or photographs will be returned. Prototype or historical material submitted should relate to the CPR and/or its affiliates. Submissions may be edited for length, content and style. Submissions can be made to our editorial team.

Style Guide

The editorial team has been developing a style guide for CP TRACKS. Although it was mainly intended for our internal use, it may also be helpful to authors wishing to submit text in a more "production ready" format.